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Mad Over Art

“Action is Eloquence”

There is an artist in every person, and everyone needs art to express. Art is that gift that human gave to themselves; a gift that unites everyone in this world of divisions. A gift that is passionate and leisurely at the same time, a gift that’s aggressive and calm at the same time, a gift that’s madness and sanity at the same time. We here at “Picartzo” urge all of you to set free your emotions and put them in action eloquently.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick up your pens, pencils, brushes, lenses, guitars, crayons or anything that you want to and bring your thoughts to life, express them for others to admire and we will make sure they are given the podium they deserve.

Allow yourself to go mad with your Expression and create something that is exclusively yours and be a part of our “MAD OVER ART” initiative.

We are inviting every artist of every age, every skill level from every corner to showcase their emotions on any topic they want to.

Mad over art is an initiative to motivate young Artists from colleges of India to showcase their artistic Skills and talent.

We do support all art Irrespective of its popularity, we invite you to be part of the biggest ever madness over the art in the colleges of India.

What do you need to do?

  • Create any artwork
  • Send us your art work. A team of talented artists from across the Industry will look into your art work.
  • Enjoy various Benefits and prizes

Why should you participate?

We will try to do utmost justice to your art work and selected Art work will be posted on our website “Www.picartzo.com” as well as give due credit on social Media handles of the company.
“The selected Art work will be published in our upcoming magazine “Happy Crazy World” which will be distributed to more than 20,000 schools and colleges through-out the world.
Participants will get up-to 100% off on premium membership of Picartzo Club.
Selected winners will get a gift voucher by sponsors


Please upload your Work in PDF, JPG, PNG or MP4 format.
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