About "Picartzo."

“I took the paintbrush and let my heart sink in those colours.”

~ The way art healed me.

Our Story.

We welcome you to our zone! Pick your bags full of brushes, pencils, mikes, lights, cameras and some love ! We are on a journey to Society’s heart is art.

Our beliefs.

We believe in your talent. We believe in the society’s growth. We believe in the healing of heart through breathing art.

“I seek for it everywhere, in the coffee shops,books,winds,faces,scents and pearls.I chase for it, I cry and eventually I break. I broke my heart several times while searching for the true art.Little did I know, the master of true art lives within my soul.The art lives beneath my skin,resides in my brain and perhaps breathes in me.It wasn’t in the museum,it was in me. It wasn’t in the museum,it was in me.”

Our Impacts.

Well,we are continuously moving towards to contribute our best in the society through art.

Scholarships, events, meet-ups, collaboration with other artists, exchange of great ideas, learning and various other activities are done in order to turn your dreams into a reality.

Our Strive for Transcendence.

” We strive a better tomorrow for you. We strive to make you from an artist to an art breather. “

We as a community are curated with love and daydreams by the help of people like you. You assist us to recognize the importance of breathing in art everyday and to pick our own art zone. Your art is what we strive for,to make this world more unbelievable than ever.



Our Mission.

Our Team



A Guy with craziness and adventure lover who is always on a hook to find something interesting. A guy who is always up with the solution to any problem you bring.

Ashish saw a big exciting opportunity in the field of art world and understood the problem of the artists. He dig into the art world to bring out the amazing opportunities for the artists and with a great zeal to bring art closer to the heart of the society and getting due recognition to the artists they deserve.

Write to him ashish@picartzo.com

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A girl with the passion of spreading art and helping artists all over the world. Always bring the craziest ideas about art and promotion. She started picartzo with the dream of spreading art all over the society and motivate people to practice art in their daily life. Her motive is to connect artists and art lovers and helping artists in every corner of their career.

Write to her juhi@picartzo.com

Our Mentor

Sanjeeva Mathur

​A senior finance professional with more than 25 years of valuable experience of creating, promoting and distributing financial products & services. He has successfully developed markets both in India and Internationally. He has been associated at senior and management levels with organizations like Reliance Securities, FPSB India, Karvy Consultants.

DR. Ajay mittal

A Visionary Economist professional with more than 30 years of Valuable Experience of training and development of financial professionals. His visionary thinking has always been the part of successful business planning. He has been associated at Bombay Stock Exchange, Aditya Birla AMC, and currently working with SBI Mutual Funds.