About "Picartzo."

“I took the paintbrush and let my heart sink in those colours.”

~ The way art healed me.

Our Story.

  • We are a community of artists,connoisseurs,art-lovers and dreamers. We are mad over the art of all kind and our motive is to promote art all over the world.
  • We see the artwork as an opportunity to grow the society and people around us.
  • We are not just an online community but also a real life club created by people like you.
  • Our club welcomes everyone from everywhere to let our minds contemplate over nights with brilliant ideas just for the sake of development of the society and our magical blue planet.
  • Our mantra is “Pick-Your-Art-Zone” which says, we’ll pick your art and put it into a special zone.
  • The zone is our space and efforts that will give your art a place to breathe in everybody’s heart.

We welcome you to our zone! Pick your bags full of brushes, pencils, mikes, lights, cameras and some love ! We are on a journey to Society’s heart is art.

Our beliefs.

We believe in your talent. We believe in the society’s growth. We believe in the healing of heart through breathing art.

“I seek for it everywhere, in the coffee shops,books,winds,faces,scents and pearls.I chase for it, I cry and eventually I break. I broke my heart several times while searching for the true art.Little did I know, the master of true art lives within my soul.The art lives beneath my skin,resides in my brain and perhaps breathes in me.It wasn’t in the museum,it was in me. It wasn’t in the museum,it was in me.”

Our Impacts.

Well,we are continuously moving towards to contribute our best in the society through art.

Scholarships, events, meet-ups, collaboration with other artists, exchange of great ideas, learning and various other activities are done in order to turn your dreams into a reality.

Our Strive for Transcendence.

” We strive a better tomorrow for you. We strive to make you from an artist to an art breather. “

We as a community are curated with love and daydreams by the help of people like you. You assist us to recognize the importance of breathing in art everyday and to pick our own art zone. Your art is what we strive for,to make this world more unbelievable than ever.


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Our Mission.

  • To show that art needs to be everywhere and experienced by everyone.
  • To get more people involved in the art world and get the artists more involved in the public.
  • To show that art breaks down boundaries in many ways.
  • To promote the notion that creating art should be daily practice.
  • For art to be accepted by the professional and the general public as an important tool for social and cultural interaction and growth,education,creativity,health and happiness.
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